Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"For you, a thousand times over "

"For you, a thousands times over " is the spirit of Amir And Hassan for each other.
I just ende the reading of "The Kite Runner" BY Khaled Hossenie.
There are several noticeable thing regarding this novel.
First of all, all the character are well defined and all are woven quite decently in such asoul stirring story. charecter of Amir is amazing and seems interestingly full of contradiction, cowardice and then A Brave mature man. Amir's father , a person like coconut , hard from outside and soft from inside , he loves his son and his HAzara son equally.
And the real hero Hassan , represents , love , friendship, believe, commitment and undying love for Agha sahib.
Second noticeable thing is the story it self . It contains love, hate , betrayal, beleif, commitment, humor, human nature aspect and social - economical-political description.
At first story sound tragic but from the point of view Amir's satisfaction for Sohrab, I think it is untraditional happy ending. when Amir , the grown up brave man becomes the kite runner for Sohrab and say "I ran" (the last line of story), anyone who goes with the story can feel the happiness and euphoric moment of Amir.
One aspect of story is its successful and vivid description of Afghani culture and its encounter with Tliban.
Many a times story give the lumps in my throat.
I really enjoyed it andcarried away with the story.
An interesting thing which i found that many of Arabi, Farsi , Urdu; words which are used in Afghanistan are also used frequently by many of hindi speaking masses ; such as
yar, watan, quwat, nazar, sabgh(lesson), tar, gunga, mehman, khasta, naan, pakora , kofta, tanhaii, tandoor, chai , gham , bichara , mubarak etc. After all some 500 years ago Afghanistan was the part of that old Hindustan.
Coming back to novel it is a great read, it is Devastating , inspiring, shattering, impeccable, a nice work by Mr.Khaled Hossenie.

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