Monday, February 25, 2008

The real survivor - Fidel Castro

This february Cuban President Fidel Castro leave his responsibility after 49 years of roaring combating with USA.

It is believed that Castro survived more than 600 attempts to kill him by CIA.
this person never bow down to American pressure. America imposed strong ban against Cuba in 1962 , altough America show "mercy" and lossened ban in2001, but it still has ban.
Castro , a great orator , i think in line of magical Adolf Hitler(although i did not attend any speech of Hitler!!!!).
Castro also have the Guinnesse record of longest speech at UN.

Altough Castro face sever problem after USSR crisis , but the man of strong character still fight so well. Cuba is only communist stata of western hemisphere , and also quite successful in providing basic healthcare facilites to cubans.

Cuba, which is famous for sugar and cigar , now widely known as the state which provide strong resistance to America's illegal pressure.

I think fighting so hard is the splendid show of character by Castro.

Cuban's should proud of such a learder. Castro have close ties wiyh Argentina's legendary revolutionar Che Guevara and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.
world should take a lesson from Castro against American illegal pressure and demand (as the case of Afghanisthan , Iraq and now raising eye brows over Iran).
Now an era came to an end as Castro retires from Cuban politics.

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