Saturday, April 5, 2008

Islam and Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the greatest threats to humanity. One fallacious aphorism which is used so much is “every Muslim is not terrorist but every terrorist is Muslim”. I think Islam is misunderstood because the term “Islamic terrorism” has become common in use, that’s why because Islam is not open to communication and criticism, see, there are so many commentaries/criticism and personal view points on Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita, but if any person, who is not Muslim places one’s view on Islam it creates lot of ripples.
Due to lack of understanding common people thinks the word Jihad as synonyms to the terrorism.

Religion is a dynamic phenomenon; it is quite like democracy, by the people for the people, so any religion should adept to the changes to maintain the flow. For example Hinduism has much flexibility and tolerance because it withstand the criticism and that criticism led to social reform time to time and this thing makes the Hindu faith more strong and appealing; and also tolerant.
This is not the case with Islam; it does not try to adept the changes.
And after all change is the only constant thing in this world!!!!!

A hardcore violent activity like terrorism occurs due to fanatic mindset and brainwashing; and main input to such things are resistance to change, lack of modern education, upbringing and lack of dialogue, such things lead to intolerance and turns the normal human being to a suicide bomber!!
Islamic faith is not open to debate and discuss, thus lack of communication arises, and this factor also works as a hindrance to social reforms.

There was so much hue and cry over the Prophet’s picture in a Danish newspaper (don’t take me wrong, I doesn’t support any activity which hurts peoples’ sentiments towards their religion), I think that issue was blown out of proportion; compare it with animated god Hanuman in bollywood flicks, not even a single Hindu objected the movies, literally they enjoyed the movies. That shows the different levels of perception and tolerance, and to some level maturity of two communities.

By my view point Islam should take criticism with open eyes.
Islamic leaders and scholars should communicate with the masses so that some bigoted mind can be barred from using the name of Islam for killing of innocent people and innocent person can not be lured by terrorists in name of religion. When masses will be able to understand each other and connect to mainstream, then there will be less number (hopefully none) of suicide bomber and mad minds.
Some battles are not fought in battlegrounds rather in minds, terrorism is the similar case.

I am hoping peace, ranging from Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, Palestine and Darfur, to the beautiful Tibet.

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