Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tibet needs support

What is going on in Tibet is shameful situation. Indian government should take some brave decision as one taken by ace Indian soccer star Baichung Bhutia, Bhutia refuse to carry Olympic torch in India. China’s oppressed move in Tibet is going on from last 5 decades, and India should take clear stance against China as democratic neighbor of Tibet.
Bhutia is not only single person to protest against Beijing Olympic before him Hollywood director Steven Speilberg withdrew as an artistic advisor to Olympic over China’s support to Sudanese government over Darfur issue.
French president Sarkozy said he did not rule out France boycotting the games if the situation worsened in Tibet .
China is organizing the Olympic to showcase its financial and political power, if world community protest the game it will definitely will bring some pressure to Chinese government.
We all know the bad human rights record of Chinese government.
So world community should support the good cause of the His Holiness Dalai Lama and Tibet’s people.
PLA, the Chinese army is having violent crackdown in Tibet, this is time for all people for sake of independence of soul of people of Tibet .
Many people can compare the case of Tibet with the Kashmir but this is definitely the wrong comparison as Pakistan is using militancy in Kashmir and situation there is different from Tibet.
So Indian government should take strong decision for Tibet.
And at last hats off to Baichung Bhutia and Steven Speilberg!!!!

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