Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sex and Meditation-- sex can be transformed a story

Annamalai Swami - enlightened Disciple of Raman Maharshi and sexual desireAnnamalai Swami is an enlightened Disciple of Raman MaharshiWhen Annamalai Swami was staying at the Ashram of Sri Raman Maharshi, he was given charge of constructing more buildings for the Ashram.
Annamalai Swami was some times troubled by sexual thoughts but some how he used to avoid the thoughts.
Amongst the construction workers there were some very attractive females and occasionally, Annamalai Swami were attracted to them. Once he expelled all the female workers so that he can avoid them. But Raman Maharshi stressed him to employ them.
Once he told Ramana Maharshi that he doesn't want Moksha but he wants to get rid of the desire for women.
Raman Maharshi laughingly said “all saints are striving only for this”. From Raman Maharshi answer, Annamalai Swami was assured that he was not alone in this suffering.
But one afternoon Annamalai Swami was sitting in his room, when he saw a beautiful woman going to meet Raman Maharshi. After some time when that woman came out of room, Annamalai Swami was totally captivated by her beauty and lust.
Suddenly Raman Maharshi came out and asked Annamalai Swami to stand on a particular rock and Maharshi started conversing with him.
The sun was at its peak and Annamalai Swami was not wearing any sandals. So soon his feet starts burning from heat but he could not change his feet as it was an order from Maharshi.
The pain in his feet started increasing and suddenly a thought arises in him that the pain he is experiencing has replaced the sexual desire. As the thought entered his mind, Ramana Maharshi abruptly ended conversation and left him.
After some days Annamalai Swami was again disturbed by sexual thoughts to the extent that he could not eat or sleep properly for three days. At last he thought of taking Maharshi's help.
Maharshi advised him “Why you pay attention to evil thought? Why don’t you meditate? To whom does this thought came. The thought will leave you on its own accord. You are not the body nor the mind, you are the Self, Meditate on your Self and all desires will leave you."

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