Monday, July 28, 2008

Terrorism --where India is heading towards

Another serial blast in Bangalore and Gujarat, Surat also on list Innocent people killed and Indian leaders as usual condemn the act. Sometimes I wonder at the level of patience and tolerance we as a country have, perhaps we are the most tolerant people in the world.
India is struggling with terrorism since a long time but still we do not have a clear policy to encounter terrorism.
I see three main factors/issues critical to handling of terrorism.
1. Poor Indian politics and rotten administration.
2. Reaction of Muslims.
3. Proper working of security and Intelligence agencies.

Poor Indian politics and rotten administration

Since Indian democracy is fractured so parties are only looking for gaining power by hook or crook, including appeasement politics.
Now question is what is ultimate goal of terrorists? Converting whole world to Islam , this is the whole concept of Jihad , killing the kafirs (to terrorists non Muslims) .
But here in India so called “secular” and “intellectuals” are busy in proving that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, WRONG.
“Although every Muslim is not the terrorist but every terrorist is Muslim”.
Due to such appeasement politics terrorists like Afzal are still alive in Indian jails.
Then terrorist outfits try to free the terrorist like; “Kandhar Incident” and recent blast in Bangalore and Gujarat.
I can’t understand the logic behind feeding terrorist behind bars (thought of food crisis and security invested) after squeezing information; they must immediately be executed, so that terrorists do not try to free them.
But this does not happen due to some political parties and “Human Rights group” (they do not see the violation of human rights when innocent peoples are killed in bomb blasts??).
Also ‘salt to wound’ is administration. Indian administration is not as efficient and honest as their western counterpart.
Such situation should be changed immediately.

Reaction of Muslims

It is the responsibility of Muslim community (as of every Indian) to fight the terrorism. Because terrorists are getting support, within the country (due to some extremists).
Instead of just releasing “fatwa” Muslim should actively involved in fight against terrorism. So that image of community is not spoiled (which is not in good health already).
Many people says literacy plays critical role as an illiterate person is more prone to join the terrorist rank, it may be true but seeing at the current scenario it seems they possesses technical expertise.
So Muslim must come out of “veil” specially the youth to counter the bad intentions.
Also Muslim should develop their community not as stereotypical but more liberal, it will help in the cause.
Muslim generally plays in hand of some extremists and political parties, such situation should be changed.

Proper working of security and Intelligence agencies

India has one of the lowest ratios of police/population. Similar is the case with agencies like IB, CBI, RAW; these organizations are feeling the burnt of lack of workforce.
First of all these vacancies must be filled.
Second and important issue is security and intelligence agencies lack well coordination. So there must be proper coordination and communication among all such agencies, this will increase the effectiveness.
Another point is that these agencies should have minimum political interfere to work properly.
After all terrorism is a long battle hard counter measures are required.


Anonymous said...

hmmm....u seriously have good ideas.....i jus hav a doubt r u an india??coz i wanted to hav a talk wid an india and help solve the pros here...poverty..illiteracy....whichpart of india r u??


definitely I am an Indian, basically I am from Taj City Agra,
currently residing in Capital of India New Delhi.
u seems to hav good thoughts, i am really intersted to talk u.
May i know some abt u?

abhi said...

ashwani u r absolutely right i want to talk to u regarding d issues of terrorism my email id is pls. leave a msg.

Anonymous said...

i read your views. good but the question is how to improve all these things /policy makers are worried about their vote banks.think tank can only vomit their veiws.but i m still positive. if we all startin g thinking to do our duty honestly certainly chane can be expected let us pray for sincerety and dedication of our indians duty


thnx for comment
what is votebank? We Indian People are the "vote Bank" if we use our vote honestly then some changes may be forced in Indian Politics.
By the way it is rotten , a long process will be needed to clean up the mess.

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