Monday, July 21, 2008

Trust Vote and Horse Trading --- Indian Politics at the lowest ethical Depth

Tomorrow the coalition government of UPA will fight for getting the Trust Vote in Parliament at the same time loosing the trust of common people.
Currently Horse Trading is the buzzword in political arenas. It is the strong rumor that MPs are open for sale around 30 – 50 crore rupees. Even bookies are also involved in it.
Have a look at the naked drama of changing court by politicians.
*JMM’s Shibu Soren was about to vote against the government but now he is with government, because he has given 13 point wish list including the demand of ‘Greater Jharkhand’ (oh no! another new drama regarding the geography of state). Soren also has some favors in Coal Department and MoS of Health.
*Disproportionate Assets case was up Against Mayawati just after Samajwadi Party declared its support for government.
*UPA government changed the name of Lucknow Airport to please Ajit Singh but to no anvil, Mayawati proposed Ajit Singh 8 Loksabha seats and berth in U.P. government.
*TDP and JD(s) and such drama parties are still swinging.
*Trianmool Congress and Independents still not decided.
*Mayawati is claiming she has 5 SP MPs with her.
*SP is claiming BJP MP.
*BJP is saying some Congress MPs are in 'touch' with party.

Amid all this obscene drama nobody is concerned about N-Deal’s technical point. For example Mayawati is saying “ousting the government is the only agenda.”

Some political parties are hiring detectives to abolish the possibilities of Horse Trading.
I think that Trust Voting must be completely transparent so that such filthy practices do not increase. Also common people have right to know about the move of their elected candidates, but who cares?? Not the filthy politicians at least.

No political party thinks in National interest be the matter of N-Deal, Inflation, Corruption, Infrastructure or foreign policy.
It is said that Dog’s tail does not get straight in shape even after 12 years of burying under ground. And Indian Politicians are worse than dog’s tail.

Once B.R. Ambedkar remarked “Constitutional morality is not a natural sentiment. It has to be cultivated. We must realize that our people have yet to learn it. Democracy in India is only a top dressing on an Indian soil which is essentially undemocratic”
After 6 decades of Independence Indian Democracy is still crying for moral ethics and it is reduced to funny 'demo-crazy’.
For this situation not only politician, we the people are responsible because Indian Crowd choose those criminals on the basis of caste, regionalism and all but pure quality.

Who knows what will happen either government will survive or crash because much time is left to bargaining and selling of MPs although rate may differ because “scale of economy” concept will play the crucial role.

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jumpup said...

Ambedkar's comment is put at the right place at the right time... Well thought out post...

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