Thursday, August 7, 2008

New research Project of Microsoft--- MIDORI

Microsoft has started a new research project called Midori, to develop a software program that will help uncouple Windows from a single PC. The company has revealed that a decision to develop Midori was taken because Windows is unlikely to be able to cope with the pace of change in future technology, and way people use it. “If you think about how an operating system is loaded, it’s loaded onto a hard disk physically located on that machine. The operating system is tied very tightly to that hardware,” Dave Austin, European director of products at Citrix. He said that that created all kinds of dependencies that arose out of the collection of hardware in a particular machine, and raised concerns for Microsoft ‘s business in case Windows ends up being less important over time as applications become more OS agnostic.
Microsoft describes Midori as an ambitious attempt to catch up on the work on virtualization being undertaken in the wider computer industry.
Vitalizing generally signifies creating a software copy of a computer complete with operating system and associated programs. It also allows a reduction in numbers of machines one needs to manage, and easy shifting to another machine in case one physical server fails. A virtual machine on a PC also enables very old applications, which existing operating system would not run, to keep going.
Many virtual machines are tuned for a particular industry, sector or job. “People take their application, the operating system they want to run it against, package it up along with policy and security they want and use that as a virtual client,” said Dan Chu, VP of emerging products.

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