Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reservation giving though time for IITs

Reservation in IITs and paucity of candidates

It is a shame that in a democratic country where there is much hoopla over justice and equality, candidates for prestigious IIT JEE feeling the burnt of the idiotic reservation policy.
In the recently released report General category student of last rank scored 297 marks but the candidate will not be given admission because ST topper candidate who scored poor 292 marks will be given chance, this is injustice to quality of institution.
Similarly SC topper scored only 322 marks, which mean very few candidates belonging to SC category, will go through. Also OBC candidates are few in numbers in comparison to General candidates.
So due to lack of able candidates in respective categories IITs are lowering the bar to fill the reserved seats, while candidates of unreserved category even after performing better than reserved category students are not getting admission due to reservation.
So there are around 430 seats vacant in the IITs, which is very disastrous waste of resources like that of IIT status institutes.
First they are lowering the cut off marks, thus compromising the quality. Then seats’ remaining vacant is waste of resources.
This problem is not only with IIT but other prestigious institutes and universities are also having though time in filling their seats.
In a country where education sector is already bleeding such happenings are really sad.
In the first place reservation should not be there in any field, but due to vote bank politics if it existed then central institutes of National importance must be kept out of the parlance of reservation, again it is difficult due to the demons known as leaders.
There is argument that reservation is to help the down trodden, but it is next to impossible for “real down trodden” candidate to go for IIT or AIIMS.
To improve the situation the government should work towards improving the secondary and higher secondary education level, so that institutes may get able candidates.
This can be done to improve the situation but it is a long term planning. For the time being if seats in institutes are remaining vacant then such seats should be filled as unreserved so that resources may not go in vain and an able candidate can secure the admission.

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