Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Bing" The New Microsoft Search Engine

Bing, the new search engine Microsoft plans to release, place a fresh focus on "the right ideas," like "organic results, layout and advertising," according to Director-Emerging Media/Client Strategy David Berkowitz of 360i, which demoed the pending product.
"If it's as good as it looks in the demo, this will be the most impressive search experience Microsoft has offered," he vowed.
The Bing search engine places emphasis on image and videos; on a more practical level, it filters data and ecommerce to give users more specific product information, like inventory in stock and prices at retail stores.
Kumo was the code name for Bing within Microsoft.

Microsoft tested Bing internally from March, but has not provided a launch date, though word has it the engine will go live in the next handful of weeks — coinciding with the debut of a major ad campaign.

In April 2009, Microsoft/Windows Live Search dominated all of 9.9% of US-based searches, up 7.2% year over year. It fell behind Google, at 64% of market share; and Yahoo, at 16.3%.

Among shopping-specific search engines, however, Windows Live Search enjoyed a 615% increase in total visitors and was the fastest growing shopping search provider in April. This increase is due in part to the well-received Live Search Cashback program, in which Microsoft promises to pay consumers back for purchasing products its search engine helped find.

Searches on shopping-specific engines comprise between one and two percent of total search activity.
t is confirmed that Microsoft will be spending over a $100 million dollars starting soon, to promote their new Search engine. And we think its going to be called Bing. could be a really hot community if Microsoft goes big with this

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