Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daniel Suelo, A man who lives without money.

Daniel Suelo says nine years ago, in the fall of 2000, Daniel decided not to use money. He now lives in a cave and writes about his hobo life at the library on a blog...for free, of course.

"He lives off the land, scours the forest and river bank for food and gatheris discarded items from the town.

So, he lives off of someone else's money, by scavaging. Simple as that.

Jesus, on the other hand, lived without money and didn't make anything of it. Jesus was more like the woman in Germany who has lived without money for 12 yrs.

Jesus performed kindnesses, healed the sick, received favors in return and with that was able to eat and feed his disciples, who likely had bank accounts they could tap in to. Who knows?

In any event, it's pretty much impossible to get by without money, either using your own or taking advantage of someone else's.

Unless, of course, you can make wine from water or catch a fish and reproduce it miraculously like Jesus did.

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