Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Indian Money in Swiss Bank

"Indians are poor but India is ... not a poor country". Says one of the Swiss bank directors.

He says that "280 lac crore" of Indian money is deposited in swiss banks which can be used for 'tax less' budget for 30 yrs.

Can give 60 crore jobs to all Indians.

From any village to Delhi 4 lane roads.

Forever free power supply to more than 500 social projects.

Every citizen can get monthly 2000/- for 60 yrs.

No need of World Bank & IMF loan.

Think how our money is blocked by corrupt politicians. We have full right against corrupt politicians.

Its better not to vote than to vote a corrupt politician. Its better not to eat than to eat poison.

Its our money but we don't have guts to get it.
Our system, education, politician, police, is all poisoned with corruption.

60 crores bofors scam, chara ghotala, 200 crores CWG scam, 1,76,000 crores 2G Spectrum scam isn't it great not even a committee is being organised to probe this. This is INDIA where 84 crore of population go to sleep without food.

Every individual is being taught greed of money and vulgar thoughts but not about living a strong, healthy prosperous and good life.

If you can get justice for yourself by yourself get it otherwise forget it, don't s disturb the already disturbed system please it needs a change :)

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