Wednesday, June 17, 2009

statue of liberty garment

The Statue of Liberty is the most famous Statue of the world and the most visited one also.
Statue of Liberty was gifted to United States of America from France. It is sculpted from copper. The sculptor who made this great piece of art is Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.
It was made in France and was then shipped to USA in 1886. It is a symbol of freedom and hope.
Now some information about the garment of the Statue, The statue of liberty wears a robe made up of copper. The women of Ancient Rome used to wear such robe called stola. The holy figures of Rome were also depicted as wearing these kinds of robes. These Holy figures are called the Roman Goddess of liberty.
Such kind of robe is commonly called as a roman or a neo-classical robe.

The exact dimensions of the Statue are approximately:
35 feet in diameter (at the waist)111 feet tall17 feet head (in vertical direction)90 feet wide (at the shoulders)
The total covered surface area of the Statue of Liberty is approximately 1200 square yards. The Statue is wrapped in two layers of drapery which means that the total fabric required for such a hue statue is almost 4000 square yards.

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