Thursday, June 11, 2009

tiger woods hawaii house

People want to know about the Tiger Woods house. It is understandable that they want to know. The house people are talking about is the one he built on South Beach Road, Jupiter Island, Florida. He owns several, however. Of course he would very much like to keep it absolutely private for security and privacy reasons. It is claimed that Tiger Woods lives in the Orlando, Florida community of Isleworth (src: This appears to be incorrect. The Orlando area is where the great Arnold Palmer lives.Isleworth is west of Orlando and is a suburb (on the face of it) of Palm Harbour west of Tampa. This area is not exclusive enough for Tiger Woods.His name is unusual and very appropriate. His full name is Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods. "Tont" is a Thai name. Tiger Woods is 25% Chinese, 25% Thai, 25% African American, 12.5% Native American, and 12.5% Dutch. Maybe this amalgam is partly why his is so strong mentally and physically. In the cat fancy it is called hybrid vigor!

Tiger's father was in the army and he gave a Vietnamese soldier friend of his the nickname "Tiger". In return this person, Vuong Dang Phong, gave the same name to Eldrick Woods. The nickname is now better described as an additional middle name or his christian or first name. Tiger is a Buddhist, by the way.Tiger Woods also owns property in Orlando, California, Wyoming and Sweden, his wife's home country. His main residence is as mentioned above on Jupiter Island, on the Atlantic coast of Florida, about 200 miles south and slightly east of Orlando. This is a perfect place as it is exclusive with limited road access. It is a long thin island about 20 miles long and 500 yards to half a mile wide. It is about 500 yards wide where Tiger Woods has his home.

He had the original estate demolished. It cost $38 million to $48 million (we are not sure!). The whole lot was knocked down, it seems, which included: a 13-year-old mansion of 7,600 sq. feet, 3 other large houses, 2 swimming pools, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts and a mini-golf course. In fact one of the guest homes on the estate was hit by lightning after he bought the estate and destroyed - no big deal. His architect planned for a 10,000 sq ft, two-storey house. It is, it seems, a modern house in design. Other features of the Tiger Woods house are:
  • a glass lift from the huge entrance to the first floor.
  • 3 bedrooms and a master suite with 2 ensuite bathrooms.
  • basement wine cellar, cinema and games room.
  • feature windows facing the beach and the Atlantic ocean.
  • boat house, golf training studio, 3 car garage and guest house.
  • tennis court, small golf course, pool, gym and boat dock for his £10 million yacht, Privacy

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aser said...

tiger woods hawaii house
The house looks more like it is situated in Hawaii or some such place.
The video from the scene:Tiger Woods-video-online

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