Monday, January 25, 2010

Review of Salman's Veer : "Veergati ko Praapt"

More drama less substance thats VEER for you. Pure bollywood without any intensity. Some sections in media compared Veer before the release; to movies like 300, The Braveheart, Gladiator and The Troy; but such movies are incomparable.

Veer is lacking at so many places.

First comes to the soul of a flick-Script, script is the weakest link. Veer does not have any set defined goals, like what He wanted his lady love or destroying enemy state or the Britishers.

Many a times movie seems like "not a love story f a warrior, but a love story of father-son duo". Too much of Salman-Mithun bonding.

Also Sohail who tries his over the top antics in his every movie does not fit well.

I am also unable to understand "Punjabi Speaking Pindharis in Rajputana" ; quite strange.

Direction is not upto the mark.

Silly dialouges and yeah "words of Pindhari are such strong that Leads to Reincarnation of Salman as His Son"; although reincarnation is favourite old time bollywood theme but now this is not digestable.

Music is good.

And yeah Salman, with his good physiue and heavy voice carried the aura of a warrior very well but still far behind the sheer intensity of Leonidas of 300 and Russel Crow in The Gladiator. Although Salman looks good despite his 5'7'' height , He is perfect with handling his frame(and also at handling taller leading ladies).

Now, Zarine Khan; not bad acting, looked charming.

i read it in media After meeting Zarine first time Salman Said " If you intersts me , then whole nation will be interested in you"; yor are right Salman. It is said that Zarine resembles to Katrina but I found Zarine A mix of Katrina and bit of Priety Zinta.

Overall a just timepass kinda movie, a one time watch.

It disappointed me.

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